NANOPROTECH is the only nanotechnology product that has proven its effectiveness in protecting  metal  surfaces, electrical systems, electronic parts, tools, machinery, and equipment from all forms of  moisture  (steam, humidity, condensation, mist, spray, salt water, acid rain, chlorinated water, chemical fumes, etc.).

NANOPROTECH is the only one that preserves its functionality even during the impact. The flexibility of  the thin 2-­3 micron NANOPROTECH coating makes it long lasting. The qualities of NANOPROTECH have  been proven by comparative tests performed in independent laboratories in United State and Europe.

NanoProtech Function

scheme-1-2-3_front_image-166x300 1.  Any type of moisture that settles on metal surfaces or electrical components leads to corrosion and destruction. NanoProtech actively displaces water on contact with the metal.


2.  NanoProtech quickly penetrates at the molecular level into all the micro cracks and uneven surfaces of the metal. This creates an invisible protective water-repellent film.


3.  NanoProtech Anticorrosion and Electrical Insulation Products will displace 100% of moisture within 10 seconds and permanently protect against future penetration by liquids.





How To Apply

Apply a thin layer of the product onto the surface. NanoProtech will begin to work within 10 seconds. When NanoProtech applied to surfaces that are subject to an impact such as bicycles, firearms, e.t.c., we recommend not to remove any excess spray earlier than 10 minutes after application. The flexible, invisible NanoProtech coating will protect the surfaces from corrosion and prevent dust/dirt from setting in. Surface is not required to be pretreated or cleaned prior to the application of NanoProtech. Due to its molecular structure, based on nanotechnology, NanoProtech will penetrate even through layers of paint.

screen-shot-2015-03-08-at-9-01-34-pm-300x281We are confident that you will not be disappointed with the quality of our products. Make your choice today, and we guarantee that if you find a better product on the market, we will  fully refund  your money and  pay you ten times the amount  of your initial purchase.