Who We Are


We are an official distributer of NanoProtech Products for South, Central and North America as well the Caribbean.

NanoProtech  is  the  only  nanotechnology  product that  has  proven  its  effectiveness  in  protecting  metal  surfaces; electrical  systems and  electronic   parts,   tools,   machinery,   and   equipment  from  all  forms  of  moisture  (steam,  humidity,   condensation,   mist,   spray,   salt   water,   acid rain,  chlorinated  water,  chemical  fumes,  etc.). Testing   our   products   for   more   than   7   years under   various   conditions   such   as   extreme low/high   temperatures   and   corrosion   environments  allow  us  to  confidently  confirm  that  our products  are  the  best  on  the  market.

NanoProtech formula was created thanks to the development of nanotechnology in Europe in 2007.

Next, the product went through the extraneous testing in simulation of the worst weather conditions. Hundreds of laboratory experiments that tested the properties and the performance of the product proved that the Nanoprotech product has no close competition.

In 2010 Nanoprotech developed a retail product line for consumers. By 2012 the products were already selling in 8 countries. By 2013 the products were discovered by 21 counties around the world. 2014 ended with Nanoprotech being supplied in 43 countries around the world, the final country that made the list at the end of the year was Hungary.

In  comparison  to  other  similar  products  that  exist  on  the  market  today,  NanoProtech  is  the  only  one  that preserves  its  functionality  even  during  the  impact.  The  flexibility  of  the  thin  2-­3  micron  NanoProtech  coating  makes  it  long  lasting.  The  qualities  of  NanoProtech  have  been  proven  by  comparative  tests  performed in  independent  laboratories  in  United  State  and  Europe.

As  of  2015,  NanoProtech  is  sold  in  47  countries  around  the  world  and  the  number  of  consumers  continues to  increase  rapidly,  confirming  the  product’s  effectiveness. Initially  NanoProtech  was  solely  used  for  industrial  purposes;;  however,  we  expanded  the  line  of  products to  be  available  for  everyday  consumer  usage.    As  of  today,  we  offer  9  different  kinds  of  NanoProtech  products  on  the  market  which  had  been  modified  from  the  original  NanoProtech  formula  to  fit  specific  conditions  in  which  the  products  are  to  be  used

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