NanoProtech Inspired by Nanotechnology

NanoProtech introduces  two new nanotechnology-based product lines:


Anti-corrosion Lubricants and Electrical Insulation Sprays. In total, nine products will meet all your   needs to eliminate corrosion and electrical problems. 

Do you own a home, an automobile,  a bicycle, a boat,   a firearm or perhaps a motorcycle?

Then you are in good hands and NanoProtech has a solution for you in order to keep your possessions like new.  

Based upon a number of independent laboratory tests, when  compared to other anti – corrosion  and electrical insulation products  on the market today, NanoProtech is the only one to preserve its functionality even after multiple physical and mechanical impact, thanks to the highly flexible NanoProtech coating. 

NanoProtech Anti-corrosion and Electrical Insulation products available on the consumer market today, have been modified from the original commercial NanoProtech formula to fit specific application requirements.




Our retail line has a total of  nine aerosol products that will meet all your needs to eliminate corrosion and electrical problems. Nanoprotech  does  not  require  preliminary surface preparation and can be applied to a wide range of surface areas including those that are wet.

  • Bicycle  Anticor
  • Automobile
  • Gun  Anticor
  • Home  &  Garden  Anticor and Electric
  • Marine  Anticor and Electric
  • ­Motorcycle  Anticor and Electric


NanoProtech is the only nanotechnology product that has proven its effectiveness in protecting metal surfaces, electrical systems, electronic parts, tools, machinery, and equipment from all forms of moisture (steam, humidity, condensation, mist, spray, salt water, acid rain, chlorinated water, chemical fumes, etc.) Testing our products for more than 7 years under various conditions such as extreme/high temperatures and corrosion environments allow us to confidently confirm that our products are the best on the market.


NanoProtech Product Lines

We count with three different products lines which will cover all your need: Anti-Corrosive, Electrical Insulation and Clear Water Repellent

NanoProtech Product Lines


Crystal Clear

Nanoprotech Crystal Clear forms an invisible, protective Nanofilm that repels dirt and water. Surfaces treated with Nanoprotech Crystal Clear undergo a “Lotus Effect” – water that accumulates on treated surfaces will condense into almost perfectly spherical droplets that will roll of the treated surfaces and carry away the accumulated dirt/dust with it.


Electrical Insulator

Our complete line of Electrical Insulators for different types of industries such as Marine, Motorcycle, Home & Garden, Automotive, etc will guarantee to keep your precios belongings from short circuits and will protect them for a year.



Our complete line of Anti-corrosion Lubricants for different types of industries such as Marine, Motorcycle, Home & Garden, Bicycles and Guns will guarantee to keep your precios belongings from corrosion and keeps them lubricated up to a year.